Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet "13"

13???  This throws some people off...not sure why- its simple, Superfamily started with 13 people. Myself and my husband, his six kids and my five kids..which equals 13.  We have in-laws and grandchildren now that are added as a part of the family, however the Superfamily core started with the 2 plus 11. We became a family unit on June 30th 2007 and whereas my husband and I symbolized our union with a covenant agreement the family symbolized our union by taking communion together.  Its like the 12 tribes of Israel…that number “12” never changes even though the descendents of Israel are now too numerous to number.  Israelites just let you know…I’m of the tribe of Judah.  So I guess our Great grandchildren will say that they are of the tribe of Jerica… Jason??  You get the point. 
What’s interesting is that although the 12 tribes were looked at as a unit called “The Children of Israel” (for us its the Superfamily), each tribe had its own distinction based on the giftings and talents of the founding member of that tribe.  For example, the most well-known two are the tribes of Levi and the tribe of Judah.  The Levitical tribe is where the priests came from and the Tribe of Judah is known for the “praisers”.  If you were of the tribe of Levi…your expectations were that you would have an empowerment to carry the office of priest.  You lived it, you were preparing for it.  The tribe of Judah was the same.  If you were a child that was a descendant of Judah, it was expected that you knew how to usher in the presence of God with spiritual songs and praise. But EVERY tribe had the blessing of Abraham.

Each of our children carry a uniqueness that is defined by the calling and gifting of myself, my husband and what God has called them to do individually. However, there are some empowerments, anointings and blessings that we are speaking over them and into them that they are to spread down into their “tribe”.

Think about it:  What are you telling your children that they are and what they can do? What are you speaking in their spirit and having them say out of their mouths? What blessing are you preparing as a legacy for them and your heirs?? Don't just rattle off about it and turn it over for awhile and then when God gives the green light on your proclaimation..start ta' speaking!

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