Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And I'm back...

Been away about a month spending the time I used to spend on the blog catching up with my other writing that needs to get FINISHED once and for all. Its looking good...so I thought I would stop back by and let cha know what's been going on.

Let's see..

Kids-The youngest girls are getting ready for a trip to Florida to perform with the school band. John's youngest son just finished a weekend run of a drama production at school. John's daughter Jerica just went back to school for spring. My son's Bryan, Jaivon & daughter Jerica have been working pretty much daily & extra. John's oldest Jayna/John have ben working as well. Stevan got his driver's permit & is taking his road test on Monday. Jaivon got engaged earlier this month. John's son Jason got engaged earlier this year. Jason is getting married in August and Jaivon will be married in Tennessee in November. Jaivon graduates in May from Rhema.

John- Is currently working on a drama production at church..well its not a play perse' its a human video, very simple and standard. He was awarded a new "title" at work and is doing very well on his new AMI project. He is still working out with a personal trainer and preparing to compete in a weightlifting competition soon. He sings with two groups at church as well as participates in our mens ministry. He teaches a weekly bible study at work on Tuesdays and will be working on the Blessing of the Bikers outreach in May.

Me- Not doing any plays or anything this season..may tryout for something next season. Working at the office on a few projects.. Working behind the scenes helping with the Blessing of the Bikers outreach and the Legacy Choir reunion outreach..those are my focus points right now...winning the lost...keeping it simple. Writing on my next book, I've changed it several times but its nearer to completion than it was :-). Helping my son & his fiancee plan their wedding long distance (not so easy, but I have time), offering assistance to My husband's son and helping to plan his wedding ( a little easier, but much less time).. I was nominated and confirmed for a leadership position in government affairs for the Junior League for next year and an officer position in the state PAC committee.
I've lost 14 pounds since November! I did it the old fashion way...NOT EATING SO MUCH, eating correctly and watching portion sizes..Weight Watchers is a GREAT program. I highly reccommend it if you are looking for a way to lose and learning how to eat properly for LIFE, not just until the weight is off.

Hubby & I will have a whirlwind year it appears...and I feel the need for a mini vacation soon. I would love to go back to the Tenneessee cabin we visited last year..we had a blast. But in the meantime, I'm learning to pull back, pace myself, not get caught up in hoopla or things that are irrelevant...I'm keeping the main thing...the main thing...and every now and then the Lord will allow someone to come by to encourage me...whether with the reunion, on Twitter, at the office or even at home...someone is always there to remind me that I'm in the will of God, doing what i'm supposed to be doing..being where I am supposed to be. THAT is a great feeling. I promised to write about looking great on a budget and I will be sure to do that soon...AFTER I do some shopping and nab some supernatural deals to share with you...