Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Superfamily Visits The Holocaust Museum

I have an unyielding respect for the Jewish culture..outside of fact that they are God's beloved..their tenacity, work ethic, sense of family and business is unmatched by any other race of people.  We visited the; which is America's 1st freestanding Holocaust Museum. Just in the opening timeline mural and section where the Jewish culture began (with Abraham) was enough to keep you enthralled. I still had more questions and things I wanted to read more about. I learned so much and was reminded of some things too...such as not using the term "ghetto" so loosely, now that I remember where it really came from. The whole tour and our guide was AMAZING. The kids that went with us were just as engaged...when we walked out...we had no idea we had just spent 4 hours there..

They burned thousands of books of the Jewish culture..There are thousands of books that we haven't seen and authors we haven't heard of because of this. It is said that a people that will burn books will eventually burn people...and that is EXACTLY what happened.

Depiction of a family sitting down for regular sabbath dinner...when they get a knock on the door saying they have 2 hours to be prepared to leave for the concentration camps.  They know that meant a place of no return.  They would be told that they were going to be showered..which was how Nazi's tricked Jews into getting into these large tanks...they were told that they would be showered...but instead they were gassed and killed.

The Mezuzah was a piece of parchment with scripture that was kept in a fancy case like this and put over the doorpost to fulfill the command in Deuteronomy.

This is known as the portrait of evil..this annoyed me to no end..this picture is HUGE..Its from floor to ceiling...probably the biggest thing in the museum.  His evil demonic presence is still sensed.  His decision to hate the Jews to this day cannot be explained except that he may have blamed them for losing the war.

This was a DETROIT paper that buried the story of 2 million being put to death on the 3rd or 4th page of the paper on top pf a jewelry ad..DISRESPECT at its highest was like they were NOBODY...2 MILLION (just in THAT particular story) people and nobody said a WORD.

My Favorite section...I could have spent all day here looking at the Torah shown above...also note the "pointer"...Jews did not touch the Holy Scriptures...they felt that that even the words were Holy.  It took over a year for ONE of these to be written...they were done by HAND.  They also had a replica of the ark of the covenant and Shofars..just an awe inspiring exhibit.

Symbols of evil (once a Japanese tantric and Buddhist symbol)...the flag and its symbol is known universally now as a the sign of hatred, prejudice and death!

The DEARBORN (Michigan) paper writes an article discussing the Jewish Question.. It is defined as " a neutral expression for the negative attitude toward the apparent and persistent singularity of the Jews as a people against the background of the rising political nationalisms" .  It was sort of a Code Word.  To this "Problem"...a solution was created...dubbed "The Final Solution"-the systematic extermination of the Jewish people-known to us as The HOLOCAUST.

Their people today call themselves SURVIVORS...not victims.  Its that survivors mentality that has served the Jewish people well...a large percentage own businesses, are educated, family oriented, and are religiously grounded. They have not only survived...they have THRIVED...

The Superfamily will continue to pray for the peace of commanded by scripture...there is a blessing in blessing an incredible people of God.

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