Monday, August 30, 2010

What I learned from AVATAR...3 our of 10 things :-)

I went to see AVATAR with Jordan in Chicago...1st time I saw it and I was glad I did...Some weird things...but some deep revelation as well..I have a list of about 10 things...but here are the 1st three things I wrote down that I learned from watching AVATAR.

In order to ride a “horse” or “bird” in the movie…the rider had to connect with the carrier by fusing themselves together through their hair. Once doing so, you as the rider can “think” where you want their go and the beast will take you.
You cannot use any mechanism (book, product, idea, plan, tape, conference) to take you anywhere if you do not fuse yourself to its principles. You can’t go anywhere without a connection and the carrier (the thing that is designed to take you to the next level) can’t move until you internalize it and command it.

Nearing the time for the major fight at the end of the movie…Jake Sully (main character) went to the “tree” to pray for help. But then he didn’t just wait around for it…he got up and started rallying FAMILY. He went and got the natives, their cousins, tribes from across the planet to prepare to fight. He only sought after those with an intimate connection though blood and commitment. In the end, he had rallied thousands to stand alongside him when it mattered most.
For believers, our Tree is the Lord God, plain and simple. It’s in order to go to God and pray…believing Him for what you need and listening for His will and way. But at some point, to walk into destiny its time to move and you need your family. That’s right some things require prayer & fasting…other things require Nookie, Pojo, Cookie, Nuk-nuk, Longside, Nana, Mu’dear, Aunt Ceesa, Your cousins on Uncle Bubba’s side…in short…your family….your tribes. Don’t be so quick to discard your people and try to replace them (that's another blog for later)for others like your newfound “Christian family” or even your spouses family or “adopted” family. Your people are your people….deal with it and deal with them in wisdom. You say they are this & that…You might as well confront any demons head on because ummm 9 times outta 10 the same ones reside or have resided in you & if you aren’t careful you will face it in your kids.. I am a witness though..when all the dust settles and it all comes out in the wash …NOBODY will ride or die with you like your people, even if you have been funky, why? Because that’s family…that’s what they do. Some of the folks Jake rounded up had probably not talked to their relatives in ages…but when it came time to fight for survival they got in line and fought to the death.

The main character loved being in his “Avatar”. It allowed him a freedom in mobility and possibilities that he could not experience in a wheelchair.
Once you get a taste of next level living, it’s hard to go back to life the way it “is” presently for you. When you visit a home that’s “better” than yours you come home and groan. When you have spent time with people that are thinkers, are wise and movers and shakers in their churches and communities it’s a struggle to be bothered with whiners and complainers. You want to stay in an atmosphere that’s fruitful. If you keep surrounding yourself with this progressive environment you will find a way to get there and remain just like Jake did.