Thursday, August 20, 2009

More vacation pictures......

More pics from the cabin...when we go into town today I will get some pictures of the city...This place has everything on one LONNNNNNNNNg street...its like a country style vegas with no gambling and a Walmart!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're here!!!

After some research, planning and praying...we finally made it.. John and I are officially on vacaction this week. We are up in the Smoky Mountains in an awesome secluded cabin that looks out over the mountains and lush forestry. I woke up this morning in disbelief that we were actually here. Yesterday...we checked in..went to Logan's for dinner and then headed to the supermarket for things we would need for breakfast.

John is sleeping and I am up watching Hillsong TV and drinking coffee...THIS is living :-). Today we have NOTHING planned...and that's how we like it. We may drive into town...we may not..we may go for a hike in the mountains...we may not...choices...options..what a wonderful thing. Tommorrow we are supposed to go see a production called "Miracle" and then Friday its SHOPPING (well...I mean really we got bring back t-shirt..or something)...Saturday, we head back home refreshed...relaxed and ready to face our brood once again. I will be posting pictures all tune in for our adventures..I just got a text from my "sis" in law Cheri..saying "soak it in"...I'm so trying to do that..I am so grateful to be here...not just "here" but just my place and position in life right now...I have much to be thankful for. I have a great husband..awesome children and stepchildren...brothers...sisters...people who love me..a good job with benefits.. the knowledge an revelation of Jesus Christ, and some sausage and biscuits in the can't beat that with a stick!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nearing the end of an awesome summer...

Hey all;

Hope you like the rare pic of me in my glasses...hayfever season-UGH!

I haven't written much lately (for about a month), because I have really been devoting my attention to some activities that I have been working on for the goals for this year. I stated near the end of spring that I was not going to keep up my current pace, so I started cutting out somethings that was taking up alot of time that I no longer enjoyed. First to go was the Media Dept at my church. I let go all of my responsibilities there as of May 31st. Great dept, served faithfully there for almost 8 years-it was time to go. Then it was Junior League. There were a few things that I was going to do over the summer that I decided I did not quit but decided to just be off totally for the summer. Then there was acting. I just finished Sweet Charity in May and usually you want to get right back out there and do something else in theater...I decided not to audition for anything else this year. Instead, I will help out backstage and that's not until late fall. Soooooooooooooo with all that free time what's been up?...I'm glad you asked...

This post will be about June and the 1st half of July!

In June-

Jerica (J) graduated from high school. Her graduation was very nice and there were many graduates (which is always a blessing to see). Most of her immediate family was there. Her grandmother wasnt able to make it-but all of her brothers and sisters were there, her aunt and uncle, cousins and nieces.

Jordan (the girl) went to Wildwood ranch horsecamp in Howell Michigan. It was a week long and she was in the canter and post division. She really enjoyed it and hopes to do it again next year. She doesn't realize yet what a blessing it is to be exposed to that environment. Most children in her circle don't have any idea what equestrian is...I am happy for her-she is and is going to be, a phenomenal, well rounded young lady....

Jerica (AKA sister) was here. I talked about her visit in the last post. Since that time...Jerica has faced a tremendous faith fight. Her roomates left her high and dry in Florida after deciding (without telling her) that they were coming home and staying, when they too came home for the holiday. So Jerica returns to Florida and expected her roomates to do the same and they didn't... leaving their bills and junk behind. Jerica was stuck with a three bedroom apartment, rent that they left unpaid and a overdue lightbill. But GOD took her little job at McDonalds and blessed it. She got favor with the landlord and time to work on the debt without being evicted. My parents and my aunt gave her money to help. I was able to help her and soon she was able to move into a beautiful newer one bedroom apartment. Rent is paid. Lights are caught up, she has food and a friend who was moving away to Alabama gave her furniture, kitchen supplies, food and others things she didn't have. She attributes it all to Christ and although I cried many nights praying and believing God with her and for her...I am so grateful for the experience. She's a better young lady now because of it and I know her faith is strengthened! I feel so sorry for the other two young ladies...they have no idea what they hav done to one of God's own. They are in BIG trouble.

Fourth of July- was low key...thank God. Jay was home...we grilled a little and kept everything kinda laid back. Jay enjoyed his time at home. He really misses his brothers and sisters alot. I told him that I would work on getting us all together for the holiday! He was able to go to church and see his friends there and he saw his grandparents. He has a great testimony about what happened to him on the way back-you will have to read it on his blog .

By MidJuly- I am in full swing...Jordan is in ballet intensive-so she goes every week day...yes EVERY. So I am driving back and forth to the opera house every evening in July. Its ok..I got alot of reading done and some writing while waiting for her. Allergies are rolling...glasses on =contacts out. Preparing for the all girls conference that was held yesterday...this pic is of me studying and mapping out my handouts a few weeks ago....More on the conference and AWESOME AUGUST next post..