Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adjusting the spiritual DNA...

We chose the Superman colors for obvious reasons...but of course I needed to study the colors and find out other meaning or insinuations that the colors represent.  I wanted to be certain that these colors on our crest reflect UP. These colors have now become a part of our spiritual DNA.

The colors Deep Red (Sanguine) stands for many things but we chose the blood of Christ.  His Highness wanted it expressed that we were a family that was blood bought.  We want our heirs to know that if it had not been for the shed blood of Jesus Christ, no remission of sin would be possible.

The Blue color (Sapphire) represents royalty, power, and authority. We believe that we are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood.  We want our children and our grandchildren and their grandchildren to know who they are and WHOSE they are. 

Lastly the GOLD (Aurum) symbolizes excellence, purity and wealth.  In other words, do what you do with all excellence as unto the Lord, keep your hands clean (do it with integrity and honesty) and be a generation that understands, studies and perpetrates wealth (not just riches).

The four POWER words for the Superfamily are “clockwise” Wisdom, Creativity, Insight and Prosperity.  The cycle or order is even symbolic. 
 Wisdom is the principal thing.  The Bible teaches that.  When you have sought the Wisdom of God in any area (family, business, ministry parenting…anything!!) you will need creativity to do what you do with distinction and excellence. Next is order to have continued success you must have insight (which is “CLEAR perception”) on how things are going. We want our family to always assess themselves…always be honest with where they are and how they can improve. With wisdom, creativity and insight working…prosperity (favor, wealth, influence, health) can be handled and shared with maturity…and then the cycle continues.

That in a nutshell is the meaning behind our crest...there is still the sword, the shield itself and the helmet which I am getting more information on as I study further.  I know what we want it to mean...but God is revealing SO much more...what an exciting journey...

Thanks for giving me these last few posts to publish this for my family.  I want this to always be available to them so they know who they are, what they can do and what has been spoken over them!

Starting next week...The Superfamily goes to the Holocaust Museum and family organization techniques that I used to set the tone for this year!

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