Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today is my birthday! This pic is the cool sign my co-workers had on my file cabinet when I came in today. I am grateful to God to have another year. The alternative to another birthday isn’t very promising so I have learned as the song says…flowing from my heart is gratefulness..

My birthday is also time for my lists. The lists of things I have learned, things I want to do this year, things I screwed up last year, things I got accomplished, things I have changed. I thought I would share some of them with you. I usually write them in my journal but maybe someone can glean something from my experience…so here we go.

A few things I want to do for me at 42
Cut my hair again (I already have the style picked out…C.U.T.E.)
Lose 8 lbs (ok that seems more attainable than 10)
Get a bike ( a 10 speed not a motorcycle)
Plant a garden
Read at least 5 books
Stop e-mailing and texting people that I care about and take the time to actually call them, visit or handwrite them a letter. E-communication is getting so old.
Go on a weekend away to finish my book
Re-Organize my closet again
Get a Sunday School book and study my lesson every week like I used to.
Audition for another musical (what am I suicidal?? lol), but it is so fun..I know I will miss acting when its over…so we’ll see
Things I got done for me at 41Got over the fact that I was over 40
Read over 5 books
Lost 7 pounds (the goal was 15-UGH)
Co-starred in a musical (sing, dance and act)
Changed personal style
Joined a volunteer organization to sow community service (Joining the Junior league was a biggy-I am so glad that I did that)
Got a mammogram
Organized prayer and purpose planner

Things I learned being 41
Do not allow people to make you feel guilty for saying NO or that's enough.
Say no, more often, if necessary
Having critical, uncomfortable conversations is really important to get unstuck in certain situations.
I make time for what’s important to me, and so do others
Being a women comes naturally with gender and age…being a lady does not. You have to study ladyhood and work at it.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look nice or have beautiful skin. NOTHING works better on your face than plain Ivory soap, Noxema and Witch Hazel. A total of $7.43.
Be careful not to mimic, look, act or completing imitate someone else’s style, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, words, clothes, hair etc.. Contrary to immature belief, that is not flattery-it’s an insult to God who made me specifically to be me. If I am going to be “them”, then why does God need me? K-duh.
I am 41 not 14. Whereas I don’t deem that as old, I do need to be mindful that I am an adult and I should expect to be treated like one.
People do not have to be like me or think like me in all things in order to be right.

Things I miss
Playing jacks with my sister on the porch
Mr. Softee Ice cream truck
Marathon candy bars
Going to Marching band practice
Directing the choir
Getting letters in the mail
Indian brand Pumpkin seeds in the red bag
Vacation Bible School teaching
Going to the dollar store and then the dollar show with my kids on Saturdays
Modeling (some of it, like the clothes…the make up, the shoes)

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Swiss Family Johnson said...

Happy Birthday! Whenever it was. And Many More!!

I miss Boston Baked Beans.