Monday, April 27, 2009

Opening Weekend !!!

Sweet Charity has officially opened! We had a great opening run. We had a sell-out crowd on Sunday and almost sold out on Saturday. I am having such a great time. I am tired than a mug...but its so fun. Its what I enjoy (almost as much as writing and reading).

Most people wince when I tell them that I have added a 15 performance run to my already busy schedule. But I know that there are abilities that I have in that area are God given and it is my desire to keep them sharp and up to par for whenever He wants to use them. We don't do major theater or musicals anymore at my church (I mean a mini-skit here and there...but no productions or theater quality performances). So, unfortunately for me, it left me with a talent void to sow this back into the kingdom. But supernaturally God opened doors in other places for me to help with productions at my sister's church. I also helped edit scripts for another church. I had the chance to do make-up/costuming for my brother's church. Then came Southfield Theater and now Farmington Theater..God always has an opportunity for me and I honor Him for that.

So, a few weeks ago I begin How is God gonna get the glory outta this? He has me here (in Sweet Charity) for a reason. I think I figured it took all this time to get to the prinited program of the show. When people in the cast read my bio they found out that I was an author -that led to people asking questions about what I wrote and what was it about...and TA-DA "an opportunity to witness". People have asked for the link to my book page and have asked to buy it. WOW, go figure...all of the auditions, rehearsals, dancing, singing, messing up, learning lines, blocking, make-up, frustrations, time away from home, exhaustion...was all pre-meditated for this moment. The simple opportunity to share Christ and my testimony indirectly with someone that may need Him.

What if I hadn't pursued this...what if I had of just sulked that opportunities were no longer available to me instead of seeking them out? What if I decided that I will keep "my gift to myself"? Then this soul opportunity would have been lost..and as my Bishop used to say...its all about souls.

So, I am sure more is yet to come out of this...who knows but God. We have almost a month to go yet.. But if nothing else does..its been worth it just to get the Word of God through my book into someone elses hands. Sweet truly "Sweet" indeed.

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