Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picture Day!!

I am tired...... "Exhausterated" as my daughter would say...Sweet Charity (the broadway play I am in) is nearing opening night. So, dress and tech rehearsals are wearing me OUT. Its fun, exhilarating, rewarding and well...tiring all at the same time. My legs ache, my throat hurts, my back is screaming at me for trying to move it like its only 19 years old. So anyway...this is picture day. Just thought I would use pictures to show what's been going on lately...I'll write more later.

Jay came home from Oklahoma for Spring Break. The whole family went bowling.

Jerica (A.) moved to Florida to work and go to school. Here is a shot of her new house! I am so proud of her. She went through her first Florida tornado like a champ!!

Me and my Monster Lashes for the feels like "bangs" on my eye. These lashes are like so Massive....I can't imagine why they made them except for theater..

The shoes I want to buy before my 45 birthday :-). Ok, I know that was random...but you gotta admit these Jimmy Choo's are BAD!

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