Monday, June 29, 2009

You need to know that know that you know...

Bishop Jack Wallace used to say that statement every Sunday.."you need to know that you know that you know"....There are somethings that you may be unsure about..but somethings you need to know and be steadfast on.
Influence is a VERY powerful thing. Its power can change the mind of Kings. Its persuasion can alter courses and cause billion dollar mergers. Influence can also cause you to question what you know, even when you know that you know it. THAT alone makes it a very powerful to be handled with character and responsibility.

A few months back I asked my husband ahead of time to pick up my daughter from the camp dropoff point in a few days because I had to pick up our goddaughter from school at the same time that day and they were on opposite ends of the city. I proceeded to tell him where it was and he began to debate with me profusely that it wasn't there...he continued stating that it was on the corner of this street and he would be happy to get her. I told him no, its here and I need you to be there at 5:00. He again continued to debate with me as to where it was and he then went on to tell me how his brother use to go there so he knew exactly where it was. This went on until I was totally frustrated-so I just stopped the debate. It made me wanna holler, throw up both my

A day or two went by and all the while I begin to question inwardly what I KNEW that I KNEW. I had been dropping off and picking up my kids from this location for about 15 years. But maybe it is where he says it is? Maybe I didn't notice the street signs? Maybe the location changed? I had just dropped off my daughter a few days ago...why in Jesus name am I beginning to question myself and believe him? Influence. Because he is my husband, I'd like to think that he has wisdom in some areas that I may not (and vice versa). I'd also like to think that he is smart and knows things that I may not (and Vice Versa)..and since I TRUST him and value what he thinks and says...I begin to alter my thinking to line up with what he is thinking. That's the power of influence.

By Thursday I had to catch myself-.....sorta went like ...wait one dog gone minute...I am not stupid....absentminded, forgetful or trivial. I know this pick up point. I know where I left my child. I know like I know my name where she is supposed to be picked up from. Why am I allowing someone to tell me otherwise. I do not care what he thinks he may know-but on THIS-I know that I know that I know. I didn't remind him to pick her up. I left work early and jetted across town like a mad woman but I picked up my goddaughter on time and I picked up my daughter. She was right where she was supposed to be...and for whatever reason I breathed a sigh of relief-like maybe she wouldnt be there and I had lost my mind.

So my husband-God love em' -was wrong. I don't believe that he was intentionally trying to mislead me, he just didn't know and since my perspective on that matter is not an INFLUENCE for him he stood on what he believed to be true. Wrong or not. Since what he says was INFLUENTIAL to me..I begin to waver on what I knew to be true...just because it was from him. I never even mentioned this again to my husband. To him it probably really wasn't a big deal. But to me-wow- it taught me an extremely valuable lesson.

Influence is powerful in marriage, in parenting, at work, in church, in relationships...and in life. Be mindful that you have people that you influence just based on who you are to them. Sometimes we are right and our influence wields a great return for us and for others. But sometimes we are wrong and if we are not humble enough to see our error and go back and share with those we influence-they could be headed to the wrong pick up point and miss their blessing.

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Serenity3-0 said...

This is scarey b/c I think through my blog I influence a lot of ladies, especially young impressionable ladies. As much as I tell myself and other people htat I am not responsible for them and I only write about my life, it still doesn't negate the fact that some impressionable young women look up to me. Sometimes that is a heavy weight on one's shoulder.