Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boot Camp..On Purpose

Well, one of John's major desires has been for us to work out at the gym together. We hadn't been able to manage that much since we have been married...His gym (powerhouse) was too "guysweatyish" for me..and my gym (Bally's) was kinda "fu-fu" to him. So, we did guest passes every now and then but never consistantly.

We enrolled in a Fitness Boot Camp at Better Life Fitness three times a week from 5:45 until 6:30 PM. It surprisingly has been fun working out with him there. He is a great encourager and he watches to be sure that I don't hurt myself and that I do things correctly. The boot camp is TOUGH. We do weights, circuit training, boxing, crunches and more. They teach us how to eat correctly and they really push you to do your personal best. (

I have to say I have already seen a major difference in my ability to do a little more each time. I also know that I do work harder /better in a group setting versus alone. Is is the competition? Is it not wanting to let your trainers down, Is it seeing the others in the group and being encouraged by their persistence? Everyone there is single focused and ON PURPOSE with getting fit, loosing weight and having fun.

Whatever the reason...many of us are like that in many areas of life. We need trainers, coaches, siblings, parents, friends and just people along side of you sweating, aching and striving just like you. Seeing others achieve a mutual goal pushes you to go after it harder. Where do you find "like" minded people in specific areas? Where do you seek out mentors that truly have your best interest at heart? How do you "edit" your circle so that everyone around you is on purpose? It starts with prayer and really looking at the lives of those around you. Are you mindlessly following someone you don't want to emulate in ANY way? Ms Brenda (the trainer) is a former bodybuilder and it SHOWS. She looks like a fitness mag model. Now, although I don't quite want to look that ripped, it would be foolish of me to train with a woman who was 450lbs and couldn't lift a weight. Brenda has shown outwardly and inwardly that her expertise in this area is to be respected. Now, would I go to Brenda about advice for my children...nope. Why? She doesn't have any lol (her dogs don't count)?

I supposed I said all of that to say that in the gym I believe that we pull from each others encouragement, strengths, weaknesses and triumphs. We are all there for a reason and we sweat, grunt and do whatever it takes to get through that goal. Just make sure that in your life you have some ON PURPOSE people, ready to sweat and do whatever it takes to reach their goals and encourage you to reach yours. Also, make sure your "trainer" has been where you trying to go...and if you are blessed to have a spouse there is nothing like sweatin' something through with them by your side.

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