Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My daughter came and went...

Jerica (my Florida baby) was home for a few days. She really missed being here and needed to "visit"! It was great having her home. She got to see her brothers and mom and dad...her aunt and all of her stepsiblings, cousins and friends. She did her sister's hair too while she was here-which was a REAL blessing.
(pic from this morning at the airport)

I had the chance to talk to her to and from the airport...and its great to hear the maturity in her character as well as hear the little girl who still has alot of questions and apprehensions.

I am so proud of what she has stepped out to do on her own. She is learning life lessons that are more valuable than any formal education that I could have paid for. She is looking at starting school and she has already been promoted to manager after only being there a few months.

She is so me...but not me. She has seen the struggles in my life and the disappointment, sacrfice and the heartache. She has learned from my mistakes and my triumphs and she is planning a few victory laps for her own wins! Its tough to change from the mom that fixes everything, makes the calls for you, absorbs the cost, takes the hit the mom that has to stand down and allow a few hits to get through to allow her to get some faith fights for herself.

The mom role for me is daily changing...evolving and developing. I can't say that it is easy. Its a pruning, tough process...but its for my good. Its for their good. I've done what God has called me to do by them and now its time to let those seeds grow so I can see what I got and what I need to pray against..or pray through. New levels, new devils as they say..its a new role but I am equipped and ready for when they come and when they go...mommy reporting for duty.
Oh my Oklahoma baby will be home for the holiday I get to start adjusting all over again...:-)

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