Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This past weekend was The Blessing of the Bikers! It was an event birthed by my spiritual father Bishop Jack Wallace. The event gathers bikers from all over southeastern Michigan to bring their bikes in to our church parking lot where our current pastor (Pastor Ben Gibert) prays over the bikes and prays that they have a safe riding season. This year, I believe we had about 500 bikes and at least 20 vendors selling everything from Dunkin Donuts and Subway to Bike Helmets and Patches.

What A blast! Not only did I see some incredible bikes, but I also had the chance to really "outreach" with people who would NEVER if ever just waltz into a formal church setting for general principles. That is SO fun! Sounds weird I know...but when you are wired to reach the lost and get a joy out of seeing people make life altering decisions..something inside you just gets PUMPED when you have the opportunity to serve.

Anyway, my brother in Christ, Pastor Robb Stancer did a remarkable job in pulling all of the days activities together. He is a organized chaotic superstar for Christ! His volunteer group is second to none. They are first rate and all of his captains operate like he does-with enthusiam, energy and excellence. I am so proud of him and his wife Cheri and their kids whose hands-on support was incredible. The whole family was working in vendor stations, with prizes, helping at the food station. They were all in the trenches with him making this happen.

I miss opportunities like this. So, when they happen I am so appreciative of the chance on a larger scale to reach people and give them an idea of what life in Word is really like....Kudos to my church home (DWO), my brothers church home (World Changers Ministry) and all of the volunteers who helped.

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