Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Week !!

Hey all-

We had 4 major things going on in the Superfamily last week!! First...I finally graduated into Junior League of Birmingham Michigan. I still am quite surprised that I made it. Not that they would'nt accept me perse'...but it was certainly outside my comfort zone and cultural arena. I was exposed to many new things...made some great friends...went on a few good, educational trips and widened my circle of influence all while volunteering and helping my community! This summer I will be on hiatus but in the fall I will start as a member of the Government Affairs Committee. Our Graduation picture is below..

Secondly, my son Bryan escorted Clarion (a young lady of high interest:-) to her prom at the St. Regis. They looked absolutely darling..nothing over the top..outlandish or inappropriate-PRAISE GOD...She looked happy and they told me that they had a good time.

Thirdly....I went to an AWESOME International Women's Conference in Lansing, Michigan with Dr. Stacia Pierce. ( I will share more on that later...but for now...) I met some incredible women there and had the chance to meet Ariana Pierce (who is a gracious absolute Princess), IROCC Williams, DEL and Quincy Brown (P-Diddy's son)..I have a few pictures of that below:

LASTLY-and probably most importantly...we went FURNITURE shopping for the living room! Most of you know that we don't have living room furniture yet...we just never were in a rush to furnish that room. It has new carpeting and I think we painted it...but just no furniture...so John decided we would go LOOK...and we did. We actually found one that both of us like...so we'll see...

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