Monday, May 18, 2009

Acres of Diamonds

Before "Who moved my cheese" or the "The Travelers Gift" their was a great book written in back in 1915 called Acres of Diamonds. Its author Russell Conwell was a union soldier in the civil war. He later became a baptist minister. He later became known for a speech that he gave more than 6000 times which later became Acres of Diamonds. The title of the speech speaks to the parable that was given at the beginning about a young man who desired great wealth. His goal was to find diamonds. So, he soldall of his belongings including a productive farm to pay for his "diamond journey". He left his family behind searching all over the world for this jewel. Eventually he spent all he had and was left with nothing. He became distraught and desperate and threw himself into the sea ending his life.

Later, we find that the new farm owner finds a odd looking rock that flows in the shallow stream on the property. Of course, we discover that it is a diamond. So if the young man had just stayed home, and took the time to see what of value he already had, he could have gotten unimaginable wealth without ever leaving home. Instead he lost his property, his time, his family and ultimately his life.

I shared that to say that sometimes the things we seek aren't "out there" somewhere...sometimes the wealth you seek, the love you seek, the wisdom you seek, the honor you seek, the value you right there in your house. Its with your family, husband, children, wife your loved ones, your parents or sibilings. Its in your garden. Its shows up when you take the time to cook a meal or clean your windows. It stops by when you work on your car or fix a leaky toliet. It sits next to you when you check homework or check for a fever.

During this hectic, busy time for me I had the opportunity to reevaluate what is and is not important and who has the right to decide that. I cut off some things that I no longer enjoy to exchange for somethings I need to get done with those that matter most-My husband & The Superfamily. I am finally aimed at legacy building, organizing my home, and focused attention on strengthening the dreams and drive of those around me. I'm sure to find a diamond or two in there somewhere..

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