Monday, December 29, 2008

Even the little things

God cares about the things that concern me. Noone can convince me otherwise. Even those things that probably wouldn't matter to anyone else...or noone else would deem important...He cares.
I went to an open house a few months back of a high end couture store at a local mall. My Junior League group had an event there. I remember looking at the clothes and almost choking at the prices for things that I liked. So, I quickly ran to the children's section and remember wishing I could afford some of those things for my daughter. The shirts and blouses were unlike anything I had seen. They were colorful but detailed and extremely well made. The fabrics were thick and rich and durable. The pants were slim cut just like her and some of the pockets had gemstones and embroidery. Just absolutely stunning. I just sorta went through the racks and smiled as I look at the 125.00 price tags and just envisioned her in some of those nicer things.

Fast forward to the shopping for Christmas.... I thought again how nice it would be to be able to buy her some nice clothes. She is getting older and although the discounters clothes are fine and would make due, I just had a desire to do more for her. Not that she would even care, or notice...she just likes "cute" stuff that noone else has on. Anyway, while shopping at a discount store I noticed another store in the strip that I hadn't been in for awhile. I stopped in there (its a thrift shop called "Grace" owned by a ministry/church) and "lo and behold" I found 3 pair of NEW (not used...tags still on) size 0 pants for my daughter at almost a tenth of their normal price. I bought some beige Lilly Pulitzer pants and two pair of dressy Laundry brand dress slacks. I took a picture of the prices. You can see the normal price (the crazy, over the top bottom nunber)..then you will see the Thrift store price and then everything in the store was 50% off their marked down price.

I thought I was going to cry. Not because I found such a supernatural bargain, but because I know God cared enough about the desires in my heart that noone knew about or cared about but He and I. He cared enough to allow me to do something I wanted to do for my baby. It was a little thing...but I thought that was pretty nice of Him. So God, I appreciate what you did for the kids would say "good lookin' out". Thank you for caring for my "little things'.

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