Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini Praise Report

Oh I forgot...a very special young lady to us was looking for her first job. She was very adamant about working and helping pay for some of her high school expenses. Now mind you, she is a very blessed young lady in that her family situation is such that honestly she doesn't HAVE to work. She also makes excellent grades in school. She is very active in various groups and activities in school and in the community. She helps her mother out in ministry and in her business which is alot of manual work. She is juggling it all like a champ. I told her she is learning time management skills early and that lesson is invaluable and will help her the rest of her life.

She lost her dad a few years back and my constant prayer for her and her sister was that they grow up to be responsible, respectable, educated, God fearing, hard working young ladies that would make their daddy proud. I remember being with a group of people and we were praying against any spirit that would make them feel like victims or that would give them an "entitlement type" bitter spirit as if the world owed them something. Watching them over the years...well..its just been remarkable what God has done. They are abslutely incredible. I attribute alot of it to their mom but of course all praise goes to God!

Well, the oldest baby has landed and started her first job in the midst of an economy that NO ONE is getting hired anywhere and people are getting laid off daily. Her mom says its the F.O.G....and I agree (Favor of God).

So moms and dads hang in matter what your children have faced, I (and this young ladies mom) would tell you that God can do anything but fail. Provide jobs outta wee...God honors a diligent heart. Denounce laziness and excuses. Teach then to be diligent and responsible and they will knock the lid off of what God can do.

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