Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor is a BEAST! You know her...John Connor's mom..The Terminator..etc.. ?? Its amazing watching the movies and the Sarah Connor Chronicles because she has dedicated her life to protect her son because of what he WILL do. She knows that he is called to be a "leader of the resistance" and so she risks it all to be sure that his life is protected at all costs. She had people in his life that ensured he learned what he needed to know to be the leader he had to be. She was always their to intervene to prevent as many stupid, immature moves on his part that she could that would cost him his destiny. She can shoot, she can build a bomb, she can fight. She is fierce, loaded and courageous!

I could use a gun. A big one... hmm, two of them actually with grenades and a nuclear war head, just in case. When I think about the magnificent things the Lord has in store for the Superfamily and the "terminators" that have tried to attach themselves to their lives I go into "Sarah Connor" mode. The terminators today aren't machines trying to shoot at them when they go to work. They are more the witchcraft on That's so Raven or the hidden pictures of skeletons and profanity stitched in clothing. Its the lyrics of the latest R & B songs and the hidden and blatant messages of videos. It's the starlet who wears tight and revealing clothing with large "do me hoops" with tattoos and piercings that they unwittingly try to imitate...slowly a little more cleavage here...a size smaller there...pants drooped just so far. Its the laziness and irresponsibilities in their classmates and peers that they feel that they are also entitled to.

Then begins the "fight" against these principalities.

Take those off, Pull those up, Too much junk food-eat fruit, Iron that shirt please, Sorry-You can't watch that, That's not appropriate, That's not how a young lady keeps her things, A young man should talk this way, You want that, well get a job first, Wrong under clothes for that outfit, get that out of your ears, That crowd isn't for you.

Now multiply all of those issues times 7 or 8 kids and then add in the fact that 1/2 of them aren't "yours" and you have a set up for difficult road to go. You want to jump in and help, guide, instruct and correct. With "yours' its not optional. John Connor had no choice-Sarah was his mom and he rebelled now and then but he trusted her and honored her by listening. With stepchildren..its sticky. Maybe it shouldn't be but it is. You feel your "Sarah Connor" coming out and then draw back out of fear that it won't be received or it will be misinterpreted. You see issues and things that need to be corrected to protect them for destiny and you ache to help but there's this "thing" that keeps you from pulling the guns out. In some cases, it feels easier to just let it go and let the "other parent" deal with it.

What's that "thing"...what's the fear. What's causing the lack of security in your authority? I don't know. I'll think about it. But for now -lock and load, fire at will... and I will continually pray that one day soon those bullets will include the terminators of my stepkids as well.

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