Monday, September 22, 2008

Changing with the Seasons...

Its supposedly officially the fall season. Next to summer, fall is my favorite. I have the BEST fall clothes than any other season. Its time to shed those sundresses and sandals for two piece suits and close toed shoes. There was a lady that was in our neighborhood that seemed by all standards to be normal if you looked at her face...but then you would notice that it was 20 degrees below and snowing and she had on flip flops. At first you would sympathize thinking that she didn't have boots. But then you would see the boots...only it would be 80 degrees in the summer accompanied by a coat and gloves. There was a name for people who never seemed to wear the right seasoned clothes at the right time..CRAZY. That's would look at them and tell your kids as you walked passed..."baby they just them no mind."

As it is in the it is in our own lives. There are somethings in a blended family situation that have to change because of the new season that you are in now. To try to operate in as you did in a former season would label you as well.......CRAZY. Its absolutely nuts to try and function in a snowstorm with a halter top and a tiny plastic beach shovel. You are not equipped to handle the shift that has occured in the weather. An ill equipped person shows that A). They don't know or have the resources to adapt B). They are stubborn and would rather suffer than adjust and /or C). Crazy.

I have my crazy moments. There are days that I am the equivalent of a sundress at the winter ball-totally irrelevant and other words CRAZY. There's a song that says..."I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired" . That's closer to how I feel..I will try to deal with a "wintry" situation and I will have on my gloves and hat...and forget my gloves...or in other words...I can say the right thing, have the right motive BUT say it in a stanky way and at the wrong time. I am not fully ready for the season that I am encountering with my new family or husband, just impaired.

You need every tool necessary to administer guidance, love and direction for your family ESPECIALLY in a stepfamily. Tools (wise advice, books, prayer, patience, endurance, restraint etc..) can be as important as the right clothes for the right season. So bold and tenacious- be prepared..get prepared for what you have to do to operate your family effectively. No more flip flops in the snow..its a new season, the old way will not work.. change with the season.

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