Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Legacy Journal

I ordered a legacy journal to begin to chronicle some of the things that I want to share with my grandchildren when they get older. The journal is awesome you can record your thoughts, dreams, advice, wisdom and at the end you get to write a blessing upon them. The thing is I don't "technically" have any grandchildren. So I "practice" with my goddaughters, daughter (I've told you about her before). My husband now has two grandchildren and when I first got the journal I noticed it had areas for me and for him to fill out and I thought it would be great to give to his son to pass down one day and then it hit me..duh, you're not their grandmother.

I don't mean that in a mean or derogatory way, but I'm not-they do not revere me as such, we don't quite have that type of relationship. Its more a friendly, acquaintence type than family oriented. So, in order for my husband's grandchildren to get an idea of their true legacy, he will need to remember and record information about him and his 1st wife...their grandmother. Since she passed, they won't know anything about her unless they teach them. Well, that sorta sucks for me. But it was my stupid "unselfish" suggestion ...that really wasn't so stupid as it was right.... and right is just well, right. It doesn't always feel comfortable or nice as the outside parent..but it doesn't change it from being right.
So anyway I started my "Nana Files" for my awesome "practice" baby. And its alot of fun.... telling her about my teen years, my mistakes and my Favorite things. Although she is not my natural granddaughter, she is my spiritual granddaughter. The Word teaches that God "sets" some in families. And to be set, means to be strategically aligned and placed on purpose. I believe that God set them with us so that I would have someone to pour into and to share with. I am so grateful...'cause umm as quiet as it is kept I have a whole lot to say. My thinking is I will leave it as such that my husband's grandchildren would be welcomed to glean from it if they want. But for my grandchildren to come... its a must read item :-).

I encourage all of you that are stepparents or parents alike to leave a legacy journal for your children or grandchildren. Just record your thoughts about God, living, dating, marriage, your mistakes, what hurt your feelings, what makes you happy, raising kids, going to school, important character issues, money management, credit, your childhood...anything that will teach them and give them an idea of what you were about. If you don't have any yet-I am a witness that if you have a heart to sow, God will set someone with you that will appreciate your wisdom, honor your presence in their life and have a teachable, meek spirit to learn from you. At the end, write a blessing upon their lives, based on what you know about them and what God shares in your spirit about them.

Remember your words have life. If you read the account of Jacob (in Genesis) blessing his children and grandchildren...you will understand that they will walk in whatever you speak that was given to you by revelation. Tell them who they are, and what they can become. Tell them what they can do and what they can achieve. But I declare... The "Nana Files" will be a hot item...you may want to tell YOUR kids to seek it out too ...lol..

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Breona said...

as a stepmommy (going on 3 years) i really appreciate the advice. i did start a little journal for kayla (she even calls me mommy - *whew*). its actually very emotional to record some of this stuff, but well worth it. miss u... love u

pwp fo' life!