Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not even the HULK....

I had no doubt that I would love the Avengers Movie.  I went to see it in theaters, but now that it's on video I have been able to watch it a few more times and glean even more from it.  THOR…who is hailed as a demi-god really stood out in a particular scene and it spoke volumes about our gifts, talents and abilities.

This scene was Thor’s fight with the Hulk.  Thor and Hulk were battling and Thor’s hammer got away from him.  The Hulk sees this as an opportunity to get the hammer and use it on Thor.  One problem, Hulk can’t lift the hammer, why because it is not his and only Thor can wield that hammer.  Hulk with all his incredible strength and supernatural might could not pick up a mere sledge hammer because he did not have what it took within him to lift it.  It didn't take strength, or might, or education, looks, youth, race, gender, denomination or specific socioeconomic circles..only what was in THOR could use the gift of the hammer the way it was intended.

In church circles…we call that grace.  Only Thor had the grace to use the power of the hammer effectively. Only YOU have the grace to use your gift, talent and abilities the WAY that you do.  It is imperative that you know your gifting and how to use it. Don’t get it twisted, God will not allow you to use it to Lord over others or allow continuous misuse of it.  Sampson is a prime example of being stripped of power when he walked in iniquity.  Even our subject today, Thor..could NOT lift his hammer when his heart was filled with rage and vengeance.

Wield your gift with respect, with honor and in humility.  Know who you are and what you can do. Take the time to clarify your purpose and whose side you are truly on. You have to know your “WHY”.  In a blended family, the dynamics of who you are and what you are about can easily get confused or lost in the shuffle of trying to make everyone blend. That has its place, however, the individuality of what each and every family member on both sides must be realized. Everyone is gifted and all must understand that you can't do what I do...and I can't do what you do promotes growth..respect and humility.
Empowered with a pure heart, a gifting used effectively and a defined purpose no one, not even a hulk (anything seemingly bigger or stronger) will be able to defeat you. It’s Hammer time. 

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