Monday, October 1, 2012

A SCANDALous thought…Ladies, Wives, Moms are you merely an ornament?

ABC’s Scandal is one of my favorite new shows, not necessarily for the storyline because there is truly nothing new under the sun. However, the dialogue on this show is phenomenal. If you are a writer, you notice when words function well together and deliver the gut punch that was intended. One of those gut punch moment happened when a husband told his wife (after she shamelessly overstepped her bounds on national television) that she was “ornamental, NOT functional. BOOM. Definition of an ornament is as follows:

• Decorative, serving as a decoration and having no practical use; grown for show: describes a plant grown for its beauty rather than for food;

MY definition for an ornamental “person” is

• Someone whose presence serves no purpose. Nothing is added when they walk in the room.

• A person whose exterior may indicate that they are attractive, pretty to watch, but is designed strictly to look at as they bring no nourishment of thought to those around them.

I actually overheard a young lady travailing over a breakup or betrayal of a boyfriend and when she went on to say that the boyfriend was now in a relationship with someone else, she said she couldn’t see why he picked her “because my body looks way better than hers”. I wanted to vomit violently. Have we become so superficial and shallow that our biggest desire is to be someone’s arm candy? As soon as she made that statement, I laughed and said to myself …after hearing you say something so stupid I know EXACTLY why he left you; you are an ornament…a nice shiny, sparkly one. You are pretty to look at, shaped up real cute but truth be told you have no real substance. You waiver with the wind and your character is flighty, unstable, and erratic. I say in my book A Princess Cut Diamond: How to overcome your past and reign in your God-given Kingdom that “You have to bring more to the table than bills, booty and babies”.

What are you about? What do you stand for? What is your value-add? What do you husband, family, child or friends get when they get you? Is it just someone to do the laundry and fix dinner? Are you a pretty date for the office functions or are you someone adding significant value, purpose and order to the vision of the house. As my grandma would say, do you have a clear thought in your head? I have nothing against attractive women; I’d like to think I am pretty decent to look at myself. However, I do take issue with the mismatch of the inside and outside. It may be time to do some character building. With us being in the last quarter of the year it is time to reassess the superficial and become functional (performing purpose; an action or use for which something is suited or designed that produces a result). Take the last portion of this year and work on YOU. Study something new. Read. Take an online class for something you need to learn how to do better. Take the time to listen to your spouse or child to help them complete something they need to do.

Remember, what comes out of your mouth is more important than the lipstick you put on your mouth. What is IN your head is more important than the latest fad you are using ON your head. The size of your heart is more important than the size of your waist. Step up your game and FUNCTION.

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