Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its the little things..

About a month ago...I looked across the sanctuary at church and observed my sons worshipping.. All of a sudden..I was frozen in place for about a minute.. tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that at that moment..I was SO happy. I have had tons of happy moments...and have prayed for a gazillion things..but right then I saw more than boys (ok...young men) praising God. I saw a full circle of God's Word coming to pass.

I have another son that is a youth pastor and lives away. I felt the same way when he sent me a picture of him in a national magazine and the photographer had "caught" him worshipping. So yup...I jump up and down with glee when I see where God has brought them. I also know that it hasnt always been this way. I remember pleading with God to save my children when they were babies..before they could even talk. I was on my face in front of their bedroom doors praying for their choices, their friends and their future spouses. Things looked grim everytime I had to go to school because one of them acted up in class, or when I had to call their father because they were fighting or breaking curfew. BUT...

God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. I disciplined the STANK out of all my kids...I never let up...I prayed, fasted, and sacrificed. I taught them the word, made them memorize the word even when they didn't want to. I played word music around them that they still remember to this day..and now that they are "old"...they have not departed from it. They have made doubt about it. But I see the light of Christ in them, like never before and I know that my prayers have been answered. It took PATIENCE and TIME.

The same is true for things you may be believing for in your family, business, workplace or neighborhood.. It may look grim...but one day you will look up and see a glimmer...a small thing..that let's you know..that God sees and hears and soon you will see the manifestation of everything that God has promised.

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