Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jicama ?? Ummmm Ji WHAT ???

I went to the Whole Foods supermarket yesterday for a tour. The tour included a course on understanding the difference between conventional, natural and organic foods, studying rare vegetables that should be added to our diet and gaining an understanding of their tag/labeling system. It was extremely informative and along the way we got to ask questions. For whatever reason, I went in thinking that everyone in the group knew more than I did and that my questions would come off as stupid and insignificant. Not sure why, but that is just what I thought. As we went along, I realized that whereas some knew more than others in some regards, I was more versed in other areas. In other words, everyone knew something, but no one knew everything. It was a give and take and we all (even the instructor) left knowing something we didn’t know before….which was the whole point in going.

When you are seeking wisdom on a new endeavor or gathering information to increase your knowledge base, do not be like I was initially. Intimidation and the fear of what others think or feel about you can prevent your growth. It can also thwart the opportunity to meet the people and make the connections you need to make in order to reach the next rung of destiny in your life. When you back out of mind stretching activities because of fear you are simply saying that “my fear fence won’t let me go any further than here, my fear is in control not me, and certainly not God”.

Knowledgeable, mind expanding, thought provoking people should be in your influential circle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of people who have achieved where you are trying to go. BUT don’t get all of your information from the successful either. You need to talk to some people who have made some mistakes…preferably some big mistakes. I learned more from that Whole Foods group when we started discussing things that didn’t work, or suggestions to try in “lieu of” due to mistakes that others had made when cooking this, or cutting that. Their candid responses even when discussing their errors developed a camaraderie of sharing.

So don’t be “skurred” (scared) as the kids would say. Get out of your box, expand your knowledge base, ask questions and share what you know. Lastly, if you need wisdom in any area ask God 1st, He gives it freely.

Oh and by the way, the picture is of a root/vegetable called “Jicama” (pronounced HIK-a-ma). It’s kinda like a cross between a potato and radish in appearance. You can shred it and add it to coleslaw along with other recipes. Its very high in nutritional value..and I know all about it... well...at least since yesterday....lol.

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God's girl said...

BUT don’t get all of your information from the successful either. You need to talk to some people who have made some mistakes…preferably some big mistakes

I LOVE THAT!!! And oh how true! I guess that probably makes me an expert at some things because I've...er...um...made some pretty HUGE mistakes! LOL

I saw your reply to my tweet, so tweeted you back "So do you have a boy or a girl teenager???" THEN I came to your blog and BUSTED OUT LAUGHING! WOW!!! If I ever get re-married, I will DEFINITELY look you up for advice, because from the look of your picture and being the "blending mom", I bet you have TONS of knowledge (and tons of mistakes:) SOOOO that will make you a great support person for those in blended families:)

Be totally blessed and I look forward to reading more of your blog! :) Heaven S