Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gotta learn how to wait ??

There is this song I love called "Not the time, Not the place" by an artist named Marvin Sapp. ..its lyrics are so powerful...there is this one line that irritates me though(my comments in parenthesis)

Not the time, not the place (cool...that's true)

Just believe keep the faith (very encouraging...I'm wit cha' Marvin)

gotta learn HOW TO WAIT (Excuse me ?? LEARN... WAIT... who do you think you are to tell me to WAIT and to say I gotta if its a subject in school)

LEARN HOW TO WAIT ??? (What kind of statement is that in a song that's supposed to be encouraging? Its too bad........he was doing so well til' that line :-)

Well, it is extremely irritating...but its true- darnit. The defintion for wait is to remain stationary in readiness or expectation. Waiting is an art form. It takes skill, patience, and the ability to do something and nothing. You do tons of waiting in a stepfamily. You wait for your attitude to adjust, You wait for your mouth to get under control. You wait for your marriage to improve. You wait for respect. You wait for honor. You wait for a reprieve. You wait for grace. You wait to not care about this issue. You wait for this not to matter, you wait for the kids to change. You wait to have a home of peace. You wait for rest. You wait for pat on the back. You WAIT............and WAIT.....................and WAIT.....................and WAIT..............and WAIT.

But HOW do you wait..."correctly" if you will? Or at least in a way that will please God and yield the most positive results for your spouse, and family. You wait like a good waitress at a five star restuarant...

1. You acknowledge the One that you are waiting on.

2. You meet the immediate needs of the One you are serving

3. You put before them the special of the day "what you have to offer..

4. If you don't know yet what They want from you, you suggest until you get a confirmation

5. You stand ready to meet any request within your power to meet

6. You clear away anything that may be in the way of them enjoying what They have ordered.

7. When you have met Their request, you thank them for the opportunity to serve them

8. You bring THEM the Bill.

9. You get what you need from them to cover what They ordered.

10. They leave you a tip for good service

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm waiting is work. Waiting is tough. But if you do well...I believe waiting pays off in the end. This hasn't been worked through the chambers of my own life least not to its conclusion. So, I can't speak with much unction about something I haven't fully experienced. I'm still learning as I am sharing with you. But as this revelation came, I felt obligated to share I'm waiting, you're waiting....we've gotta learn how to wait.

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