Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Superfamily Goes International !!

There are people in Vienna, Austria that are reading our Superblog. How do I know? They contacted us through a local filming agent and wanted our family to film a documentary on the 2008 USA Presidential elections. They said they read our site and I quote “ I love the SUPERFAMILY 13”! They went on to mention some of the qualifications for the show to be aired in Vienna and what they needed us to do. We responded with some of our requirements and were filmed in October. I shared that to say, we started the blog to share with and encourage other blended /step families we know. But God may be using it for global opportunities for our family to witness indirectly for Him and to get that TV reality show that we are believing for. Go figure!

The Camera team arrived at “The Superfamily Estate” on Thursday October 16th for an afternoon of interviews and backdrop taping that went well into the evening hours. The taping involving the children recorded them singing, having dinner, discussing current events and watching satirical political parodies on You Tube. For the interview portion, John and I were asked a mirage of questions. Besides our thoughts on the election, we covered many more topics. We discussed diversity, our thoughts on the separatism of races due to class, location, education or economic levels. We discussed the “Bradley effect” regarding the election and our prediction(we were right). John covered the historical impact of slavery and the innate inclination of mistrust among African Americans.

Overall, the opportunity was a great learning experience for us and a grand opportunity to showcase our family, the love we have for one another and the fun we have when we all get together. The kids had a great time "performing". The interview with John and I was extremely in depth (lasted almost an hour). It was very eye opening (based on the questions) to hear the global perception of Americans, African Americans, diversity, The Bradley effect , Christianity...and a whole lot more. Prayerfully, we made some headway in dispelling some of the myths!

Picture: The kids are pictured in our living room with Christa Hoffman from Austria. Starting from the gal in pink and working clockwise are:

Jerica A., Joelle, Jordan S., Jason (red shirt), Stevan (purple), Bryan (aganist the wall) Jordan J, Christa and Jerica J (Center-dark shirt)

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Congratulations! Your family look very well blended. Am sure your family had fun with the taping and the opportunity to go international. Continue to develop a grateful heart. It can do wonders for your family and for your personal relationships!