Friday, November 14, 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama & Family

Like it...Love it or hate in the US we have a new president and First Family. Our family is not necessarily democratic or republican. Actually, I split my ticket all over the place for candidates that I thought displayed godly values, experience, education and good ideas (and yes, I researched almost all of them very extensively). But I wanted the opportunity to share with our blogging audience why we made the choice we did and why we are confident that God is still in control and that His will was done.

Our family (under our roof) supported The President Elect and the democratic ticket for 2 basic reasons although there are many:

He and his wife are all about each other & family-and so are we. Its evident that they love each other and that the well being of their children is vital to them. You have never heard stories or have any reason to believe that there has been any unfaithfulness, which is important to us and speaks way, way, WAY deeper as to the integrity of a man/woman than where they stand 'on stage politically" on a homosexuality marriage issue . The other side had, well let's just say had "struggles" with proving that they really walked in THAT level of personal integrity. The P.Elect values Michelle, her opinions, her ideas. Her comfort above all else matters to him. As he said in the beginning, if she had said no to this campaign, it was no. As busy as they are and although they could hire many others do it for them; they attend parent teacher conference, they pick up and/or drop off at school..they help with homework, they attend recitals. As a man, he is obviously very involved with his daughters and cares about simple things such as talking to them every night. As a couple, they go out on dinner dates. They have activities that they enjoy together and apart, as we know for President Elect it's "basketball". For Michelle its the California Pizza Kitchen with the girls every Saturday. Grandma is involved. Malia & Sasha appear very grounded. They've done a great job with managing their lives and making them a part of this process while still protecting them .

He has a plan. I am a planner and we respect people that think things out enough to map out a road to get there and are able to articulate it. Planning for the unknown takes guts. I personally respect gutsy people. P Elect has been planning long before he announced his candidacy. Not only is that smart, but its a sign of someone who prepares and takes life serious enough to position themselves to achieve, not just think that you can "arrive". We heard alot from the other side about what the democratic ticket wasn't doing. They mentioned what experience they didn't have or who they were associated with years ago. But you didn't hear any consistant plans being discussed about what they would do and how they would get it done. Our thought is, even if your plan doesn't work, at least have the best one you can come up with the information that you have at the time. The bible says to commit YOUR plan to the Lord and He will bring it to pass. Which tells us that a person with a plan and a godly committment can certainly get alot more done.

So basically for us it was rather simple...who are you? and what are you going to do?...we determined which one lined up as giving the more accurate and truthful picture of what they were all about-not perfect by any means but at least transparent so we know to a degree what we're getting. We prayed, trusted God and made a decision. Although we don't have any more decisions to make about this- we still have to pray, even moreso now and trust God. It is God who puts up or brings down. It is God who promotes and moves those He wishes into power. He is God by the way and regardless He is still in control.

Our hope is for those who were really concerned about abortion and homesexuality marriage issue (especially believers) will do something about it instead of just whining about the travesty that it is. Those are basically spiritual issues and our weapons should not just be in the innate carnality of a democratic process. You wanna fight abortion?? Battle in prayer and fasting against the spirit of promiscuity, disregard and low self esteem that is at the root of it. Minister effectively to young women who have this decision to make. Make YOURSELF an option to them. You want to end homosexuality, try fighting the war spiritually against the spirit of perversion that is at the root of it. Live a sexually pure life yourself and set the example. Get with those ladies and gentlemen that struggle in that area and love them with the love of the Lord. I know that requires real work, but if you're serious -you are empowered to make a difference. As has just been proven in this election, Change starts with YOU.

From The Superfamily to the New First Family:
The LORD bless you, and keep you: The LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.


Swiss Family Johnson said...

Blender Mom, I could not have said it better. I love you girl. This is the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes.

We really have to pray now don't we.
Swiss Fam Johnson

KBlair said...

Pray without ceasing we must. I really appreciate your comments and conviction. So often we complain without ceasing more than we pray and fast for those in need of deliverance.

KBlair said...

Pray without ceasing we must. I really appreciate your comments and conviction. So often we complain without ceasing more than we pray and fast for those in need of deliverance.