Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Act of Obedience

Don't minimize obedience. One act of obedience changed the outcome of my day yesterday. Obedience (as listed in this picture) is defined as trusting the one that leads you by doing what you are asked to do. Seems simple enough, but trust isn't always easy. I was having a really rough day yesterday on the way to the gym so I started praying about what to do and I was led to go to the church to take of something else. I went there and I as my evening escalated mentally from bad to worse, I prayed and sought God about what to do next. I really couldn't think clearly. .and I needed some specific instructions. God led me to call a particular friend who brought my head out of the ozone and back on earth. She gave me sound advice and then we prayed together. She gave me specific instructions for what to do next and I had a choice. Trust her and do what I really didn't want to do...or sulk and handle things the way that I wanted to. I chose to trust her and left when she told me to leave to go do what she had instructed.

As I was leaving, someone (who I knew) had parked right next me and she waved and drove off. Her car stopped abuptly and she backed back to tell me that she was led to pray for me earlier..actually for me and my family. She mentioned that God told her to tell me to think about my wedding day....to think about how happy I was and how perfect everything was (and mind you it was absolutely perfect:-). I started to cry. She had no idea how fitting and timely her message was. I just hugged her and told her that God was so faithful and I just thanked her for stopping to tell me that. It just confirmed that God knew ahead of time what was going to transpire throughout the evening and He already had people in place to 1. give sound advice 2. to give further instructions and 3. to intercede for me in prayer.

However, had I not followed God's initial leading, I may not have thought to call the right person and I for sure may not have ran into that person in the parking lot. One act of obedience changed the course of a night that could have ended disastrously. Never minimize trusting the right people. That ONE thing that God is telling you to do may seem small and insignificant, but it could hold the key to your success in every single area of your life. God's preordained plan is equipped with everyone and everything you need to be "ok". Get on that path and TRUST me you may still have to go through, but you won't be alone.

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