Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coloring in the lines

Extra-I love that term. I have been searching for a term like that for awhile. Extra, that is. I hear it used differently now and it so fits people and situations that are significantly "over the top dramatic" for no apparent reason. Nothing wrong with being different, big, significant or even being a little dramatic now and then...but to be "extra" is another level. It indicates in more than is necessary or appropriate. Its like coloring outside of the have more color and more "expression of you"...but you lost the initial purpose which was to enhance the picture. Now you have alot of "you"...but nothing or very little of what was intended.

I never want to be "extra"in the sense that it is meant now. Not necessary...or worse yet not appropriate for the situation I face or in my attitude or demeanor. I don't mind abundance. I love being significant...I am a part of many "big" things..but to be "extra" is out of order and doesn't fit where I am trying to go now.

I was one that colored inside of the lines. People say that it meant that I am unable to take risks. Ummmmm right- I went back to college, divorced with five school age children.. I married a man who was a widower with 6 kids, I quit a job out of principle without having another one...I have made risky, I call them faith moves throughout my life and have bounced back ok. Coloring inside the lines could also mean that you realize life isn't all about you. Surprise, Surprise... The artist drew a picture for you to interpret with color. Its a partnership...jointly you can have a beautiful thing. It's like working with someone on the job, or in ministry or even at home. Do what you are asked to do. Don't take it upon yourself to re-interpret what they meant. Don't be extra, be a team player. Suggest, offer, ask...but don't assume and scribble all over someone's vision and call it art.
When I hear the kids speaking about someone being "extra" it cracks me up. First of all that they recognize when people are being overly fake and out of important. But more importantly...I hope they learn not to be sooooo deep, or sooooooooo over the top extra that they forget to be well-themselves...just real... No waste, and humble enough to know when to work with others and color inside of the lines.

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