Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Begin again...Begin Here... A Princess Cut Diamond Second edition is offically RELEASED

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The Book's Description:

A Princess Cut Diamond: How to overcome your past and reign as a Princess in your God-given Kingdom is a spiritual Princess Boot Camp manual that will help pull you out of the mindset of a peasant and pull back the curtain to reveal the Princess you were designed to be. Through hilarious antedoctes, incredible paralells, movie analogies and "sister girl "side notes", this book will dust off your crown and have you viewing life from a throne of authority versus the mindset of a peasant. Each chapter features a "reflection and application" section to be certain that this is just not another book that's read, but one that's LIVED. Camille Jamerson knows something about living as a Princess. She has spent years winning titles across the nation and internationally as a pageant Queen. Her roles and responsibilities as a Queen are now converted to principles that she teaches in her book to face the past but focus on the future.

This book looks at the fight that you are in, applies God's wisdom and principles, gives you PRACTICAL, APPLICABLE information that you can use to start making changes. This is a book that requires WORK. If you are SERIOUS about operating like royalty from here on out, and leaving the life of the defeated behind you then start here. A Princess Cut Diamond will make you laugh, cry, think but most importantly it will cause you to CHANGE. Invest in you and take the time to train to be and live like the royalty you are called to be.

It is temporarily at an introductory price...so get yours TODAY...Also, if you already have the dowload and have read the book...PLEASE leave your review on AMAZON.  It is so important that you share what ministered to YOU.  It is usually the comments of other women that will inspire women to take a leap of faith on a product, idea or concept.  Your testimony is IMPORTANT!.  Those that got their reviews in early were included on the back of my hardcover (to be released soon)!!  THANK YOU.

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