Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a month!!

Just a short thank you to all of the calls, messages and tweets:) from my circle of folks during this last month.  Its been a rough one! We had a death in our family for an uncle who had suffered for over 20 years.  Then there were services to prepare for and we leaned on our friends and church families to get it done.  As always God comes through and sent us who we needed to do what needed to be done.  Then soon after my mother was injured and hospitalized. So there were hospital runs and concerns and we praise God that she is now coming out on the other side.

In between there...there was still work, rehearsals, teaching, housework, kids, projects, a marriage to nurture and much to do.  But through the grace of God...we came out on the other side.  This spring & summer holds so much for us and I am preparing now, knocking things out to get ready for it.

I have an award I am receiving in March and I am preparing for the responsibility that comes with that. We have two weddings coming up, a major conference to attend, a book release, a BIG remodeling for our kitchen and two your continued prayer would be much appreciated!  

So...I got a little off track with my blog and the direction...but a lesson that happen while doodling on my tablet caused me to put pen to paper and get back at here we go!!

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